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TCH Token, also known as AI Token, spearheads the ecosystem known as "Trade Cipher Hub." This ecosystem is dedicated to harnessing AI technology for automating crypto trading. The cryptocurrency market has exhibited volatility and instability, relying heavily on human analysis for daily trading, consuming valuable time. Moreover, human analysis might lead to inaccurate predictions or market trend analyses. TCH introduces a hands-free strategy, decentralizing and automating trading, ensuring accurate daily profit margins. For detailed information on TCH spot AI trading, please visit

At Trade Cipher Hub, we leverage the power of AI to transform the unpredictable nature of crypto trading, which often results in losses for traders, especially newcomers lacking sufficient knowledge to navigate the volatile market.


Our mission is to entirely revolutionize the current narrative and patterns of crypto trading, ensuring consistent profits for users without losses. We accomplish this through our advanced bots, notably the "Smart TCH Bot" and "Super TCH Bot," with plans to introduce more innovative bots. Our team of tech experts specializes in AI and Blockchain, driving the creation of these bots.

By integrating TCH Token into our ecosystem, we aim to enhance financial accessibility, expanding its use cases and fostering financial growth within the tech sector.

TCH Token, functioning as a utility token within the Trade Cipher Hub ecosystem, fuels most financial operations, enhancing its usability and transactional capabilities.

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Trade Cipher Ecosystem


Serving as the ecosystem's utility token, the TCH Token enables the activation of TCH trading bots and facilitates various financial transactions within the Trade Cipher Hub ecosystem.


The TCH Token is anticipated to play a pivotal role in illuminating and nurturing the tech sector by serving as a crucial token for tech startup companies, fostering their growth and development.


As a pioneering force, the TCH Token will be instrumental in establishing the "TCH Tech Podcast," a vibrant platform fostering discussions on technology's intersection with societal growth.


In an effort to unearth and support budding talents lacking financial resources, the TCH Token will serve as a cornerstone for sponsoring talent hunt shows/programs, contributing to the global advancement of young talents' careers.


The TCH game represents one of the key use cases for the TCH token, employing it for purchasing in-game characters and rewarding players. Additionally, players have the opportunity to rent out their game characters to others, earning commissions from the rewards obtained through victories.

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Road Map

Stage 1:

(Quarter 4 of 2023)

Development and deployment of the TCH Token.

Creation of the Pre-sale Web platform.

Initiation of the TCH Token pre-sale.

Publication of the TCH Token Whitepaper.

Stage 2:

(Quarter 1 of 2024)

Listing of the TCH Token on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Community airdrops.

Implementation of enhanced marketing strategies to bolster the operational aspects of the TCH Token.

Introduction of the TCH Token staking mechanism.

Stage 3:

(Quarter 2 of 2024)

Forging Project Partnerships and collaborations.

Expansion of the ecosystem and broadening utility applications for the TCH Token.

Sponsorship of startup tech projects leveraging the TCH Token.

Execution of a substantial TCH Token buyback and burning program.


Tokens can be claimed at the end of the presale

Frequently Asked Questions

TCH Token stands for "Trade Cipher Hub" Token, a utility token within the TCH ecosystem, specialized in automated crypto trading through AI algorithms.

Yes, TCH Token initiated a pre-sale program aimed at raising funds for its use case establishment and development.

There are 3 stages in the pre-sale program: 1. Stage One - $0.00009 2. Stage Two - $0.001 3. Stage Three - $0.005

The expected exchange price is $0.1 and above.

TCH Token is built on the Smart Chain Network Bep20.

Yes, there are plans for Token burning and buyback.

TCH Token will be listed immediately after the pre-sale concludes.

TCH Token is available only on its official pre-sale website during this phase.

The TCH team consists of technology experts specializing in Blockchain and AI, headed by Mr. Steve Richard, a seasoned software engineer known for his substantial expertise in AI development and Blockchain technology.

Yes, the TCH ecosystem is legally registered under UK law with registration number 15213637.

Yes, it is advisable.

The vision includes enhancing the crypto trading sector with AI innovation, creating financial stability, supporting tech start-ups, fostering growth in young talents, and reducing crimes associated with poverty.

Yes, there are two types of airdrops planned:

1. Community Airdrop: Exclusively for registered TCH ecosystem members with active trades.

2. General Airdrop: Open for the general public to claim.

The TCHT address is "0x9c6c2617D408F50fEF599A3e03c4c464293fdAD3".


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